5 on-the day wedding lessons from real brides

Updated: Jan 27

Welcome to our first blog of 2020. We hope you had a refreshing holiday and are raring to go for the 2020 celebrations.

Here are some lessons from real weddings about the wedding day.

Bride and groom needs an assigned person to take care of them as they might find themselves with no one, through all the hype and excitement.

Bridal Team food and accommodation should be arranged before the wedding and after to ensure a seamless flow of the programme.

After Party plans

If you are going to have an after party, make arrangements for your guests and bridal team. You will be amazed at how tired you will be and may not be able to be up for the party.

Early lunch

Ensure that your meal plan is in order to avoid hungry and frustrated guests

Photo Shoot scene

Select your photo shoot site prior to the day of the wedding and get used to it with a preshoot.

Do you have any lessons you would want to add. Feel free to add in the comments.

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