Destination weddings in a pandemic

Updated: May 10

With almost all travel at a standstill, we might as well take a break from weddings that require any form of travel.

But this does not mean that we cannot celebrate our weddings in a special way. This might be a chance for all that uniqueness that you always wanted.

From virtual weddings to drive thru weddings, love will allways have a way.

You may have postponed or canceled your wedding, but the best news is that love is life!

Take this time to perfect your wedding planning. You may realize you need to change your colours, theme and you have all the time in the world to go back to the drawing board without the pressure of looming date.

In some countries, weddings have totally been banned, while in other countries small weddings are allowed.

Innovativeness and creativity is now the backbone of the wedding industry.

We are never going back to the time when we could just celebrate in big numbers and without caution.

Social distancing, handwashing is the new normal and we should embrace it, but without taking away the preciouness of our celebrations.

Your Wedding Bliss is also aligning with this new normal through our wedding planning packages.

Things are changing, but the essence and meaning of weddings still remains the same.

We hope this time will not break any wedding plans but instead strengthen and enhance relationships.

Feel free to comment below with any suggestions torwards covid19 weddings.

We love weddings and this too shall pass

Your Wedding Bliss

Midrand, Gauteng