Have you made a theme choice for your wedding?

Here is some insight for 2019 wedding themes. We have also added some timeless colour palettes that go with the themes.

1. Vintage - Ditch those modern colours for the classic 19th century colours and the old horse chariots or an old style getaway car. Thinking of the old relics and antiques, an old suitcase perhaps. Colours - black, white and gold - sun yellow , dusty orange

2. Romantic - If you want lots of flowers, the red roses, white ones and all the blooms, this theme is for you. All the bold and bright colours included in this daring theme. Bridesmaids dresses can be multicoloured for that extra effect. Having a wedding in February, why not blend it with a valentine inspiration! - champagne gold and wine red, dusty blue and deep red,

3. Traditional (white wedding)- You are conservative and do not want to venture form the straightforward paths, then stick to the traditional / formal theme. Formal table settings, your normal ball gown dress - shades of blue, dusty rose and silver

4. African Traditional - You are not all for the white dress , you want to go with the traditional outfits, blend with calabashes and all the traditional accessories in your decor . - dark blue, mauve, ultraviolet (Unlimited colour choice depending on your background)

5. Eco-friendly - You care about the environment and do not want to harm it. This style brings in a natural feel. Plants instead of flowers, recycled paper, biodegradable material for your confetti. An outdoor venue will do justice to this theme. - Off White and Greenery,

Wedding themes 2019