Top 10 Colours and Styles for Bridesmaids Dresses

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

When it comes to your bridesmaids dresses, a choice of the style and color is critical as brings out an outlook of the wedding through the matching dresses. We have found these colors and styles to inspire your choices. When it comes to bridesmaids dresses there is a choice to have the dresses tailor made or buying ready made dresses. The ultimate goal is to have good quality dresses which fit perfectly.

1. Green

When the smile matches the dress. We love the green because it's unique and it makes your team to stand out. The satin just enhances the style and you can make a choice of long or short and the green still shines

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2. Mustard


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Source: nigerianweddings Burgundy Traditional colour and an all time favorite, you can never go wrong with Burgundy. It's a beauty squad for bridesmaids inspiration today This off shoulder dress brings out the perfect style and can go with any colour Bouquet

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4. Purple Purple mismatch bridesmaids dresses allows each bridesmaid to choose their style.

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Lilac Dark Purple 5. Blue

Navy blue The dark colour gives a rich opulence and enhances your wedding style

Navy blue

6. Blush Pink When the dress matches the beauty.Source: Ghanaweddings. Photo credits: @luswatasamie

Idoghana Photo Credit: @klalaphotography

Source : Mikolo Photo by: Sorce photography

Credit : ugandanweddings Pink Credit :signature weddings 7. White

8. Coral

9. Red

10. Yellow

We hope one of these styles catch your eye. FB@taniaweddings