Wedding Guest Do's and Don'ts

Updated: Aug 25, 2019


Send your RSVP as soon as you receive the invitation.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough and without knowing the exact number of guests it can be a nightmare.

Be courteous and respond

2. Dress Code

Adhere to the dress code as presented on the invitation. Do not wear the same colour dresses as the bridesmaids. They are meant to be special and set apart from the rest of the wedding guests.

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Remember: Never wear white to a wedding.If you are unsure about the dress code, ask the couple before the day.

3. Do not call the bride and groom on the wedding day

Unless it's really necessary, refrain from calling the couple on their wedding day for directions, to cancel or any questions you might have.

Rather call the Wedding Coordinators/ Planners or members of the bridal team. The couple is already stressing about other stuff and they need to relax for their day.

4. Be on time

Try to be at least 30 minutes early. It's respectful and it allows the proceedings to begin on time. You will also be able to get a good seat.

You do not want to walk in after the bride has made her grand entrance.

5. Do sign the guest book Because the wedding is a busy day for the couple, you might not be able to see them and chat to them. Writing a message in their guest book can be heart warming because, believe me they do check the messages once all the dust has settled and they are now relaxed in their home.

6. Make your own travel and accommodation arrangements.

The bride and groom are already burdened with weddings costs and expenses. Try as much as possible to make your own arrangements for accommodation and travel expenses.

You may also offer an extra hand if you can, that will be very helpful.

The only guest expenses they should incur will only be on the day of the wedding itself.

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7. Bring a gift if you can

Gifts are not required but are very much welcome.

You might not want to carry a big gift to the wedding and strain the couple with making arrangements of taking care of the gifts. Why not buy your gifts online and ship it direct to the couples place.

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8. Do not steal the decor items

What may seem like a useless piece of cloth, flower, card or ball was actually paid for by the wedding couple. You may think it's ok to pick up something off the tables at reception to keep as a souvenir , no it's not OK.

9. Do not bring a Plus 1, 2 or 3

Honor the invitation and only bring yourself to the wedding. It might seem nice to go to the wedding with your cousin, aunt or partner but if they were not invited, and the couple works with a number. Should it be absolutely necessary that you go with a plus 1 consult the bride and groom first.

10. Celebrate with the couple

You were not invited to the wedding to sit and watch proceedings from a distance but to celebrate with the bride and groom. Be merry, cheer them on, support them, dance, jump if you must. Enjoy with them

A wedding day is meant to be a celebration and the bride and groom should feel comfortable with your presence, that's why they invited you.

Help them create a lasting memory of the beginning of their union.

Be that wedding guest who adds the extra touch to their day.

For any suggestions or ideas about wedding guests etiquette, you may leave comments below.

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