5 wedding spends that are worth it

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

It has become a new trend that the wedding day must squeeze you out of your finances in order for your wedding to become the wedding of the year or the bride of the year. Yes that is all exciting and awesome. Who doent love to win? But have we ever stopped to think how much effort and pressure that we subject ourselves to inorder to meet this "criterion" and end up forgetting that the whole point of the wedding is to consummate the vows of the two who intend to spend the rest of their lives together away from all the cheerleaders and followers. #weddingfinances

A much as we should get the best wedding provisions for our day, lets take a moment and think about life after the wedding . The day can be celebrated in style and still live up to its purpose without breaking the bank. #weddingproviders

Having noted that, here are the provisions that you absolutely need. Go ahead and spend that fortune if you have to. You will not regret it.

We are going to highlight the critical stuff for the wedding that you can get away with spending a fortune.

1. The Honeymoon

This is for the two of you, so go ahead and treat yourselves to that dream holiday you always dreamt of. #vacation #summer #holidays

2. The Rings

These symbolize the union for years to come. No harm in investing in a bit of diamonds. After all diamonds are every girls' best friend.#weddingrings

3. His Suit

Get the best you can get. He could still wear the suit for your 10th anniversary and it will still be in fashion.#groomssuit

4. The Venue

Choose that destination or location that will leave you both with all the fond memories which you will cherish about your day. Your venue reflects on your style and vision. You can even afford to forgoe all other extremities, but with an amazing venue you are all set.#weddingvenue

5. Filming /Photography

This is the most important part of your day because you will want to hang on to all the lovely memories of your day and relive them for years to come. Invest without restraint. #weddingphotos